Other Writings

In addition to the titles on the Time Magazine list, I have been writing about books for other publications over the last few years as well. I have compiled a list of them here. All links were active as of June 2022.

Library Journal
*In January 2016, I was named Library Journal‘s 2015 Fiction Reviewer of the Year. Some thoughts from my editor and from yours truly can be found here.*

I submit reviews of 180-200 words to this trade magazine used by most public and academic libraries to aid in collection development. Starred reviews, the highest recommendation Library Journal bestows on a book, are noted by the * in front of the title. Clicking on each link will open the review as a PDF.

An Honest Living (5/1/22)
*Notes on an Execution (12/1/21)
The Violence (12/1/21)
*A Calling for Charlie Barnes (8/1/21)
*Harlem Shuffle (8/1/21)
Impostor Syndrome (6/1/21)
Above the Rain (6/1/21)
Bath Haus (5/1/21)
The Liar’s Dictionary (12/1/20)
Untraceable (11/1/20)
The Readers’ Room (9/1/20)
*Hades, Argentina (8/1/20)
Winter Counts (6/1/20)
Breathing Through the Wound (4/1/20)
A Shadow Intelligence (3/1/20)
Death In Her Hands (1/1/20)
Winter Grave (10/1/19)
The Memory Police (8/31/19)
Theme Music (6/15/19)
*The Need (6/1/19)
Trigger (1/15/19)
The Feral Detective (11/1/18)
The Best American Mystery Stories 2018 (9/13/18)
Boomer1 (7/1/18)
*Ohio (5/1/18)
Tiny Crimes (4/15/18)
Bearskin (2/15/18)
Chicago (2/1/18)
*Don’t Skip Out on Me (2/1/18)
King Zeno (12/4/17)
The Hush (11/15/17)
Last Flag Flying (8/31/17)
All the Dirty Parts (8/10/17)
The Last Ballad (8/1/17)
*The Smack (7/6/17)
*Lightning Men (6/15/17)
Proving Ground (4/27/17)
The Force (4/1/17)
Before We Sleep
The Standard Grand (2/1/17)
The Acid Test (1/6/17)
Universal Harvester
*The Fall Guy (10/15/16)
Every Man a Menace (8/1/16)
Mississippi Noir (7/29/16)
The Night The Rich Men Burned (5/20/16)
*Brighton (4/15/16)
Jakob’s Colors (12/10/15)
Sweetgirl (11/1/15)
The Gun (10/1/15)
New Yorked (6/15/15)
*The Cartel (6/1/15)
*The Book of Stone (4/15/15)
Residue (4/3/15)
Soil (3/1/15)
All Involved (2/15/15)
*The Whites (1/16/15)
The Hunger of the Wolf (1/1/15)
Girl Runner (11/1/14)
*Uncle Janice (10/1/14)
The Martini Shot (9/15/14)
The Spark and the Drive (7/1/14)
The Farm (6/1/14)
The Kills (5/1/14)
Wynne’s War (2/15/14)
*The Free (1/31/14)
The Whiskey Baron (12/1/13)
*The Last Enchantments (11/15/13)
*Love By Drowning (8/30/13)
The Double (6/15/13)
*A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (4/1/13)
The Dream Merchant (2/15/13)
Black Heart on the Appalachian Trail (10/1/12)
Looking for Przybylski (9/1/12)

In October 2015, Library Journal published my 2,500-word round-up of spy fiction titles for its Collection Development series:
Espionage: In From the Cold (10/1/15)

New York Journal of Books
From 2011 to 2014, I wrote reviews of contemporary fiction for an online review site that covers all new book releases in all genres. Reviews tend to be 800-1,000 words in length. Each review will send you directly to the NYJB site.

The Dylanologists (5/12/14)
The Public Library: A Photographic Essay (4/8/14)
Carthage (1/17/14)
Eminent Hipsters (10/6/13)
The Woman Upstairs (5/30/13)
Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story (8/30/12)
This Bright River (7/6/12)
In One Person (5/18/12)
The Fault in Our Stars (4/1/12)
These Dreams of You (1/30/12)
Taft 2012 (1/15/12)
Walk Like a Man (11/1/11)
The Twoweeks (11/1/11)
How the Mistakes Were Made (10/7/11)
The Art of Fielding (9/20/11)
There But For The (9/13/11)
The Postmortal (8/27/11)
No Rest for the Dead (7/28/11)
House of Holes (7/10/11)
The Leftovers (6/12/11)

I also wrote the following article about the American Library Association’s midwinter conference in Philadelphia:
ALA Midwinter Conference Defies Mother Nature to Host Annual Gathering (2/21/14)

The Mookse and the Gripes
I contribute thoughts about John Cheever’s collected stories to Trevor Berrett’s popular lit-blog dedicated to contemporary and classic literature from around the world. Here is a list of the stories I’ve written about so far:

I have also written reviews of the following novels for Trevor’s site:

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